Friday, September 1, 2017

Fashion Friday Nostalgic for the 90's

Top: Forever21,Dress: H&M, Boots:Belk, Choker: Wetseal
 It's hard to get excited for holiday weekends being an army wife. It doesn't always mean you get to have them with you. You can't really ever make plans because it's never a sure thing if they will get those days off. You have to get used to doing things on your own. That's what I've been doing for the last 11 years. BUT we do get this weekend off and we are headed to California. However, I have to share him with his family because his little brother is getting married. I have to immediately send him off to the bachelor party. So we will still be spending the holiday weekend away from each other. Go figure! 

Thought I would get some more 90's fashion out while it's still on trend. I paired two of my faves together floral and lace and came up with this. Added a choker and some braids and voila! 
What are your plans this weekend? Stay safe and remember to follow me on Instagram to follow along with all my California shenanigans.


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