Thursday, August 31, 2017

Scotland Day 3

I can't believe I was in Scotland a year ago already! Not only that but I have yet to finish blogging about it. I have to admit that life is overwhelming and I get so behind on stuff. I'm just trying to keep up and I am failing. I'm so terribly sorry. So with that said I am going to be hitting you with blog post after blog post til I'm all caught up. 

Scotland Day 3:

Every tour we met up across the street from the City Chambers in Glasgow square. So we walked around it while we waited for the driver. We didn't even realize that some scenes in Outlander were filmed here too. My goodness can I go back yet?

 Evan's favorite movie is Braveheart so of course we had to do a William Wallace tour. Even if you aren't a Braveheart fan it's still a huge part of Scottish history. Not to mention the monument itself is so incredibly gorgeous! I love intricate architecture and this was just amazing. The view from the top was just phenomenal and we had the best weather! It was only raining when we were in the tour bus or inside. Definitely blessed on this trip!

Evan at Glen Eagles
 We had a tour at the Famous Grouse distillery in Glenturret where you could taste the whiskey and try and find the different flavors. Funny story: We had lunch there in the cafe and I wasn't seeing anything I liked. I'm not super adventurous in the food department. I like to stick to what I know I like. I ended up getting a kids meal to go. It looked like happy meal box. The server came out looking for a kid and I'm like no that's for me! Everyone on our tour bus was giggling at me. But I ended up with more food than them. That kids meal fed me twice! Who's laughing now?

Then we ended the day at a little italian restaurant across from our hotel. Who knew great italian food in Scotland. 


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