Friday, September 22, 2017

Fashion Friday

I finished up my instagram music challenge #Project365 a couple days ago! I'm so excited that it's done with to be honest. Partly because having kids and a husband and a busy schedule made it hard sometime to get that little bit of time to record a song. Kids are always loud and demanding your attention. It's like getting out of school for summer. I am free of commitments that I made for myself.
On the other side of it though I'm glad I pushed myself. I felt like I became more confident in putting myself out there every single day to be judged. Also, it pushed me to be more creative. It was actually really fun to come up with different ways to sing popular songs. I didn't get to every request and I didn't get to every single song I wanted to do. There's just way too many. I'm so thankful for the continuous support and encouragement from my followers. They still hung in there with me while I blew up their feed with videos of me singing every single day. 
With that said the very next day I got to start working on my original music with my awesome producers and I can't wait to get into the recording studio and share it with everyone. 
Since so much is going to be going on with the music I made separate social media pages for it. 
You can follow me and my music journey on 
INSTAGRAM: @ashleyreedmusic
TWITTER:  @ashleyreedmusic


My Outfit:
Lace kimono: Agaci
Dress: Wetseal
Necklace: Forever21
Hat: RMC Boutique 
Shoes: Stylesforless

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