Friday, September 15, 2017

Fashion Friday Ready for Fall

It's Friday but it feels like Tuesday. Coming back from California plus hurricane Irma completely has thrown me off and I have no idea what day it is. We were supposed to come home Sunday afternoon but ended up changing our flight from Savannah to Montgomery, AL. We figured we would just stay with family until it was safe to go home. We would be close enough that we could get on a plane or rent a car and drive back home. But if you were following the storms track you would've seen that Irma switched gears and was heading towards Alabama. We tried to see if we could just drive back from Atlanta which was where we connecting to Montgomery. They said You can but your bags are already going to Montgomery. "Well we didn't want to do that. So I thought we were still just going to head to his sisters house. But as soon as we rented a car the hubby decided we would drive home. Luckily, we didn't get stopped for driving after the curfew they had put in place. Thank God that the hurricane had turned into a tropical storm by the time we got home. We never lost power and we never had any flooding. We were blessed. Definitely reaffirmed that we are in the house that God wanted us to be. 
With that said the husband had extra days off and Riley had days off of school. I was all out of whack. Everyone else's Thursday was my Monday. I'm still playing catch up.
I hope and pray for everyone else who weren't as lucky during this horrible weather. Hope everyone has a great weekend. 

Top: Loveculture, Shorts:H&M, Boots: Belk, Hat: Shoppriceless


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