Saturday, March 29, 2014

Things I'm loving

Bare minerals makeup

I recently was out if makeup. Just foundation that is. It usually lasts me a few months or so. So I was waiting and waiting to go into the mall to get some new stuff. I wish they could deliver sometimes. Anyway, I also was in desperate need of new brushes. I take good care of mine somewhat but they were so bad they were scratching my face so I just needed new ones but that's not always in the budget. 
The lady at bare minerals was so sweet and helpful. I said I needed foundation and casually mentioned the poor neglected condition of my other brushes. She said well you should get the new starter kit it's cheaper and they changed it. I've been using bare minerals for almost 10 years now. So the starter kit used to be foundation, a couple brushes, mineral veil, warmth that was always too orange. Now you can do a custom starter kit. Meaning the kit comes with primer a full coverage brush, and a little concealer brush and you get to pick your foundation, a foundation brush, concealer, blush or bronzer. All for super cheap. We all know bare minerals can break the piggy! I felt like I won the lottery! This stuff is soo nice. I highly recommend it! 

 I'm starting a new weekly post. All the things I'm loving throughout the week. Enjoy!

Veronica Mars movie

Ok so huge Veronica Mars fan! Like huge, huge fan!!! 
I know sadly there were only three seasons and got cancelled way to early and I bet those tv execs and producers are kicking themselves about it now seeing the huge fan base it has and all that. 
I like to describe it as a modern nancy drew with a lot of quick witted banter and the cutest Kristen bell as the lead. Solving mysteries in her spare time. Definitely a show/movie to watch for the Olsen twins fans who grew up watching those mystery videos. I know I did { and I still know the theme song} 
The movie didn't disappoint! There were a ton of cameos and old faves coming back to their roles. There were a few things I wish were different. But it definitely left me wanting more. I just love the characters so much and wish I could watch them every week like the good ol days! And don't fret you newbie marshmallows. They do a recap of the show in the beginning so you aren't completely lost. Definitely a must see movie! But it's only on limited release to amc theatres but you can rent it on amazon or buy which is what I ended up doing. 

Starbucks date with my baby

Sometimes you need to take a break from the hustle and spend some quality time with a cute little munchkin. That's what I did this week. Her latest is Mr. Peabody and Sherman. We saw it last weekend and the book store had all of one book and it was basically the whole movie. Until the next movie we see I'm sure she will keep obsessing over this one. Oh and I LOVEEEEE chocolate banana smoothies with whipped cream from Starbucks! Yum!

Karmin's new album

I love finding new music. I loved Karmin when I came across one of their you tube videos. I loved their music last summer and now a whole new album is out in time for summer. Its got a ton of upbeat music that I love. Definitely will be our "dance party in the living room" soundtrack this summer. 

What things are you loving this week?

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