Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sara comes to New York

This is a day we had been waiting for. A trip we had been planning for years. More like dreaming I guess. It's hard to get away for a girls weekend. When so much life gets in the way. Jobs, moves, husbands, weddings, deployments, kids etc.

Thank goodness we now live only a few hours away. It made it easier to make this trip happen.
It's crazy that no matter how many times you come to New York. There's always something new to see and something new to do.

Even Sara got pulled into a street show. Which was hilarious! But cost us like $15. Can you say hustled??

This trip we went to the 9/11 Memorial, Trinity Church, Ice Cream at Dylan's Candy Bar {not pictured} Central Park, Times Square and we braved the New York Subway. We had used it once before but with family who had lead us around. This time we were all on our own and I wasn't as nervous or scared. We had practiced a few times in Boston using the T. I definitely feel more and more like a grown up every time I use it. It's so hard to do things in one day. Just because there is still so much to see. Central Park is huge and could possible spend a whole day there. Statue of Liberty, Coney island. So much more to do and we are running out of time before we move.

What are your favorite things to do in New York?


Trinity Church

Riley doing her Rocky impression.

On the 6 {oh hey J.Lo!}

Times Square

Riley in the humongous Toys R Us. Yes that's a ferris wheel

The Plaza

Sara making her NYC debut!

9/11 Memorial
The Reeds in Central Park


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