Friday, March 21, 2014

Sara comes to Boston

It has finally been proven.
If you nag your friends enough they finally come to visit you!
I would say it was worth it. I'm just sad the visit wasn't that long.

My friend finally came out to visit me and the little family. We definitely showed her a good time. She even got to experience different seasons in those few days. Since this weather is so bipolar! It was a jam packed weekend. But we had a blast! Braving through the crazy snow storm when she arrived. A little shopping and breakfast. Then I took her to The Orchard House. We love Little Women. Then went down to Boston where it was crazy windy and cold and we wandered around the city looking for some food. Luckily we found it! I think Sara was more excited to ride the train.
Stay tuned for part 2: Sara comes to New York!


 Visiting the Orchard House in Concord. We're big Little Woman fans.

 Icy Cold Charles River

Boston Common

We found a really good burrito place called Maria's Taqueria. YUM!


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