Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Life just got crazy ....like for real!

This last weekend I had the opportunity to be the official photographer for  Renew Magazine's
Health and Wellness expo in Williamsburg, Virginia. It was such an awesome and positive event with loads of fun vendors, speakers and a fashion show! Which was my favorite of course. I had the chance to get well acquainted with the photographer for Apricot Lane Hampton  who provided the clothes for the fashion show. 
We got introduced and realized we were both named Ashley. Alright, that's easy enough to remember. Then we talked some more about how you never come across "Ashley's" anymore. 
So we decided it would be fun to dive in and find out more about each other. 

Turns out it's A LOT!

We have the same middle name
We are both photographers {Ashley Vanley Photography}
We both love fashion {that's obvious}
We are both born in February {2 weeks and 2 years apart actually! }
She recently moved from Colorado Springs and that's where we were stationed before Boston. 
We are both military wives
Our husbands names are {similar} we were bummed it wasn't the same. 
We are both Christian and are really into Mission work. 

So now we are Twin Besties and we hung out together the entire event and are planning to visit each other as much as possible.

What a crazy thing to happen. That's literally never happen to me ever in my life. 

The two Ashley's 

    Oh and a plus! We got to meet Mrs.Virginia


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