Thursday, January 30, 2014

Been there...Ate That!

I have been getting adventurous in the Kitchen. I really enjoy cooking now!

It's funny because when I was younger and pretty far into my young mama years! I would constantly look in the pantry or fridge and say the most common phrase of the "lazy people"

"There's nothing to eat!"

I would drive my mom up the wall. Fact was there was nothing easy to make or nothing I wanted.
I wasn't really forced to cook growing up. I knew some basics. How to boil water, how to use a microwave ;) etc. You know important things.

I remember a couple times when we were living in Colorado. I had friends over for dinner on two separate occasions. Two separate friends. I think I made something easy that night. Probably things you just pop into an oven. And you know what?! Those friends made fun of me! They were expecting a real meal. I guess we had different views on a "real meal". I laughed it off but I was secretly bummed. No one likes to be made fun of. I kind of felt like a failure as a wife and a mom. Because I couldn't cook.

Another reason I believe Pinterest is sent from God to help some of us girls out with these stressful areas of our lives! Cooking, decorating, wedding planning, etc.

I had had enough and I started cooking. You know the funny thing was! I did know how to cook! Anyone can cook you just follow a recipe. Then after all it just comes naturally.

I even impress the husband on occasion!

Here are a few recipes I've done recently.

Grilled Flank Steak with Tomatoes

Egg Nog French Toast

Caprese Stuffed Turkey Burgers


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