Monday, January 6, 2014

{DIY} Dining Room Hutch

 It's finally done! This was by far my biggest project so far and it was a daunting task indeed!
I knew I wanted a hutch to replace my make-shift dining room hutch that I had previously. Which was really an old entertainment center. I wanted something that would fit the feel of the rest of the furniture in the house. Something older, slightly classic and vintage like. Maybe claw feet or something like that. I kept hanging around my favorite place {The Salvation Army} and I finally eyed his bad boy! I loved the caged doors, it gives it such a unique, shabby chic look to it. I don't see many hutches like this around. 
I knew from the beginning it was going to be red. I wanted something bold and rich. Red is one of my favorite colors. When we finally got it home it sat in the garage for awhile. And of course I let the months go by and let it gather dust. I always have big ideas when it comes to these projects. But sitting down and getting them done is a whole other thing. I was inspired to get it done when my parents said they were coming to visit for Thanksgiving. I wanted my dining room to look nice for the holidays! 

It wasn't easy because it was getting colder. I thought I knew what I was doing this time around. I wanted to spray paint the whole thing. There's a lot of crevices and hard to reach areas. I thought spray painting would be the way to go. 
The problem with that is. It's a HUGE piece of furniture! What was I thinking!? Not to mention spray paint doesn't go very far on something like this. I bought over a dozen cans and it still wasn't enough. Then I ran into another problem. I picked RED! Red and more specifically this shade of red isn't a very popular color choice. Meaning: Stores don't stock very much of it. I cleaned out Ace and Wal-mart and it still wasn't enough. 
There was only one thing left to do. I color matched at Ace hardware as much as I could and ended up going with brush painting. Honestly, I should've just done that in the first place and I would've saved myself a lot of time and money. So if you are going to be painting furniture just use a brush. At least when it's a big piece like this. 
Remember how I said it was getting colder? I wasn't exaggerating! I was out there freezing to death trying to get the job done. Sanding and priming.... it wasn't until I was really close to being done with the paint that we realized we could bring the pieces in and finish it inside in the nice warm house! Serious blonde moment there and I was in fact kicking myself,{once I defrosted that is}.

What I used:

KILZ Primer Spray Paint {4-6 cans}
Reusable sanding pads
{next time I would sand better if I had more time}
A gallon of color matched {Satin Burgundy} to Krylon satin burgundy

I did at least 4-5 coats. I didn't get to do a finish yet. Or get the glass cut for the shelves. 
I will post the completed dining room once everything is all finished. 
I was actually really please with the finished product. I was worried about brush strokes but it doesn't show at all. So you must get a good brush not the cheap ones! It is a must when painting furniture!

 What are some of your furniture redo's?

After  & Before



  1. Wow you did an amazing job! I love the pink!

    1. Thank you Rosie! It's actually red. I guess it does look a little pink in the picture


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