Monday, January 27, 2014

{DIY} Vintage Circus Party

I recently blogged about my daughters vintage circus birthday party! I thought I would share some of the easy DIY things I made for the party that came out pretty cute!

I had really envisioned some glorious tiered birthday cake for the party. But that was out of my budget and also unrealistic. It was a small party with just a few people {mainly because our house just isn't that big} Everywhere I looked cakes were too expensive or not what I wanted. A sheet cake that was too much cake and an easy $20. I decided to just make cupcakes again since it was easier and cheaper like her pixie/pirate party last year. 
I didn't want to use the cupcake stand from last year. I wanted to try something different. I started looking for little cake stands. But again everything was out of my budget. I went to the Dollar Tree and got these cute glass plates and candlestick holders and some 9001 super glue at Joannes and made two very simple and inexpensive cake stands. VOILA!


From the beginning I knew I needed some kind of games. At least a couple right? It was a circus party. So I started collecting cans from dinner to make this cute bean bag toss game.
I got wrapping paper in the color scheme of the party from the dollar tree. I measured one of the labels on the wrapping paper to be an exact match. Then I just used scotch tape. One game down!

    I like using labels or signs throughout the party. It just adds a cute personal touch. I lucked out and found these little chalkboard stickers in the dollar bin at Michael's. It came with a set of 6 stickers and some chalk. They went along perfectly with the vintage theme! I got the black and gold 4x6 frames at the dollar tree and used some of my polka dot scrapbook party that I already had. Those were one of my favorite things of the party and the little gold elephants.

Anyone thankful for Pinterest?... I am!
I found this printable "pin the tail on the elephant" game.
All I had to do was save it to a flash drive and took it to Staples. 
I had them print an 18x14 size and it was only a couple of dollars. 
Then I taped it to a glittery gold trimmed poster board I got from Target. 
I also painted the elephant with gold metallic paint for fun.

It's always worth it to make things for these parties. It's fun and inexpensive. What types of things have you made for your parties? Leave a link in a comment I would love to see!

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