Friday, July 12, 2013

{Family Day} Boston Childrens Museum

Ok.. I'm fired! Sometimes it takes me FOR-EVVER to upload pictures off of the camera (or phone for that matter) These weren't the best photos ever so that's probably why I didn't jump at the chance as soon as we came home.

Anyway, we had a spur of the moment family day back in March. I was tired of staying in from the ginormous amounts of snow {blizzard} we had been getting. I had cabin fever like you wouldn't believe! Who wouldn't with several feet of snow making you feel buried alive.  Most of it was finally melting so I told the family we were heading to Boston.
We ventured out and headed to the children's museum since we hadn't been yet. It was jam packed with so many other kids. I guess everyone else had the same idea. They had tons of stuff, bubble making, medical stuff, etc. I can't even remember all the stuff there was to look at. But Riley sure had a blast. I guess it pays off to be spontaneous!

Puppet Show!

Sorting food for the animals

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Going Camping

Riley flying the plane

This thing was displayed in the bathroom. If you were ever curious about animal poop. hmmmm

Out to eat afterwards

Riley lounging on daddy while watching sports


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