Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{Things I'm loving} Thrifting and Upcycling

Being a stay at home can probably get boring sometimes. Then add a part time job that's not even part time {photographer}. There are days where I need something to do. I don't like being extremely busy either. I don't like stress. I don't like rushing through everything. I love freedom to enjoy life. Now that it's summer I've thrown myself into projects and thrifting. I've been feeling very inspired in this place and in this house. I'm an old soul and I've always loved vintage things and mixing them together. I just never thought I could do it. That I could accomplish my ideal style of home decor. I feel like I'm finally coming into my own. My house is almost taking a full 180.. maybe like a 120/130. It's full of mix-matched things, different colors and patterns, while still having a theme throughout the house.

So my latest obsession has been craigslisting, and thrifting. There is so much stuff on the east coast that is more my style so I'm taking advantage. I may be going overboard but it's hard to stop with just one thing. I don't want to buy the cheap furniture from Target, or Wal-mart. Every single piece has broken or fallen apart from all the moves. So I'm being smarter this time. I'd say the majority of the pieces in my downstairs is thrifted in one way or another. Once everything is done to my satisfaction I will post a tour.

My latest has been chairs. Accent, desk ...whatever. Buying these kinds of chairs brand new can be in $100's and that's just not in my budget. Even though it would be easier. Thrifting or upcycling it you have the freedom to design it however you want. In the past year I've been collecting them. I'm sure it's been annoying the hubs. But he doesn't see what I see, they are little treasures to me! They also have a dual purpose and I can use it for my Photography

I got this chair back in March or April and I haven't even started on it yet. I got it at the Salvation Army for $10 haven't decided on color or fabric yet. That's why I've been dragging my feet.

This chair I just got recently of of craigslist for $35 it's definitely going to be more of a challenge for me since the upholstery is all ripped up and it might need to be stuffed too. But I have a vision for this one and I'm absolutely in love! It's a gorgeous chair, and so photogenic! :)
What things are you loving these days?



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