Tuesday, May 28, 2013

{Weekend Recap} Memorial Day

We started the long holiday weekend with miserable rain and dark gray skies. By the time Monday came around we had some serious cabin fever. Luckily we got invited to a BBQ

Riley was a big hit. She's always a big hit. She is such an easy kid, makes friends with everyone. She's pretty fearless {most of the time} 
By the time we walked down to the "Beach" she was a little disappointed that there was no sand to dig in. East Coast beaches are just not the same as California beaches. So we just played games on the grass until the tied went down and we could walk on some of the wet sand. 
Some of the guys decided it would be fun to jump in the water, so they did. It was freezing! Boys.....haha

It was an awesome Memorial Day with good friends, good food and lots of fun!
But let's not forget what Memorial Day is all about. 
Not only is about the Soldiers in the Armed Forces who fight for our freedom every day but it's also about the loved ones lost whether they are in the military or not. Memorial Day is a day for remembering. So, let's remember the ones we have lost too everyday!

All Photos taken by Jenny Courtney Photography



  1. Looks like you guys had fun! I love the two pictures of the guys running into the ocean! Classic. :) Riley is as cute as ever, of course. Happy Memorial Day!

    1. Thanks Kaili! It was a lot of fun....They were hilarious! I would never do that.. I don't think so at least.Happy Memorial Day


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