Tuesday, February 19, 2013

{A Day in {THE} City}

Mimi {Aunt Emily} came to visit us! Which made Riley super excited. Since it was her first time on this side of the country {besides Virginia} we knew we had to cram a lot in the four days she was here. Since I had planned New York for my birthday and it was kind of a bust with a blizzard and all and my parents couldn't come. We had to shorten it to just one day. Luckily it was a somewhat warm/sunny day and it worked out well. We got up {kinda} early and headed out on the road for the 3 1/2 hour drive. Got there around lunch time and navigated parking and found a cute little place to eat lunch at {Ben Ash Deli}. Then we went down to Carnegie Hall since we are huge music lovers here! Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

Then we went down to Carnegie Hall since we are huge music lovers here! The Lobby was gorgeous. The architecture with its intricate designs was just beautiful. We lucked out and there wasn't supposed to be anyone inside but the  Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra was rehearsing for their performance that night! I couldn't take pictures inside the hall. But the acoustics are absolutely amazing in there. The thousands of red velvet seats were mesmerizing. Riley was enthralled with the music. She especially loved the violin and the flute.



Times Square

We tried to go to Serendipity. Ya know the little cafe place from the movie. Did you know that they have the most expensive ice cream sundae made of gold. It's like $1,000. That's no joke! We walked all the way over there and they had a 45-minute wait. That's not doable with a 4-year old. So we walked back down the street and ended up stopping in Dylan's candy bar. It was so cute. Candy store on the first floor and cafe on the second floor. They had booths shaped like cupcakes. The tables had candy inside them. It was so bright and colorful that Riley was in love. We had their peanut butter chocolate brownie, and chocolate peanut butter explosion hot chocolate. We had a serious sugar coma after that by the way.

On the way out we walked by the famous love statue and grabbed some pictures. People stand in line to get pictures there it's always busy.  

Overall an awesome day despite the traffic on the way home that turned our 3 hours into 5 hours. But you just can't beat being able to drive into New York whenever you want! The Reed's LOVE NEW YORK!

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