Wednesday, February 27, 2013

{Sweet Tooth}

There are two blogs I follow on for some awesome recipes. One is mainly dinners and trying to stay healthy. The other one is to satisfy my serious sweet tooth! So be warned! You will be drooling after you read this post!

Golden Oreo Cake Batter Blondies

When I made these I was trying to please the husband because he has an obsession with cake batter anything. We had friends over so I figured I would try this dessert. While I made them I finally realized {Total "Blonde" Moment...No pun intended} I never knew why they were called blondies. Brownies are brown! Blondies are blonde! A lightbulb lit up in front of me and I felt so stupid. But we had a good laugh about it! That's me! Baking you tasty treats and providing the comedic relief.. :)
These are soooo sweet/rich so one is plenty with vanilla ice cream.  

I found these bad boys on Pinterest. But my family has been making them for years! 
They are called  Resurrection Rolls on a different site. We always called them snails. I like the idea of it representing something special though and you can do it with kids. They are super easy! Perfect for Easter coming up!
Now for some SkinnyTaste recipes. Low Fat desserts that taste awesome are a great find. I seriously swear by this site. Everything tastes good. One of our favorite desserts is this pie. 
Takes a few minutes to make then its in the fridge for a couple hours and that's it!
Since it's low-fat the ingredients were cut in half. So it doesn't fill the entire pie crust. Just an FYI! Still tastes awesome though!

I made these back in May for my nephews birthday. Everyone loved them! It's kinda hard to stop at just one!
Mini- red, white, and blueberry Cheesecakes



  1. ooooh those mini cheesecakes are so cute & pretty to look at! might have to try that one!


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