Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{Honorary Nocturnal}

It's the day... My day.. I think the "Birthday curse" may be lifted. Either that or I have changed my outlook on it. Staying positive helps. I know there will always be little/big problems that will try and get in the way of my birthday fun. But I'm choosing to not let it. First was this "Nemo" blizzard. It dropped like 3 ft of snow on us and they are still plowing and cleaning it all up on base.  So the concert got postponed luckily not just cancelled. Luckily the hubs already requested a 4 day and they just moved it to monday night so he could still go with me.
I arrange a babysitter we leave early enough to maybe get a movie and dinner before the show. Drive for about 45 min to an hour and realize that the tickets got left behind. Of course.. ! But I was prepared this time. I kept my calm exterior and just rolled with the punches. We turned around grabbed them then made our way back down to Providence and made it a couple hours before the show so we were able to grab some dinner. 

We walked over to Lupo's heartbreak hotel and there was a huge line of course but it wasn't too bad. When we got in it was such an awesome venue. Old downtown theater/club/lounge look to it. We made our way to the stage and stayed put and were able to get really close. 

With the first song I was hooked! Grace Potter is really something else. So fierce with her guitar like one of the guys! She's pretty awesome and absolutely one of the best shows I've ever been to! She's so energetic running from guitar, to the piano, to the organ then the tambourine. Then dancing around all over the stage. Evan was totally getting into the guitar solos of course too! Such an awesome band that definitely does not get enough recognition. They put on such a great show!
I grabbed a few pictures and video clips with my phone before it died. They didn't turn out too bad!



  1. fun!

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