Friday, February 8, 2013

{Fashion Friday} Prepare for a blizzard

First a hurricane and now a blizzard. The east coast likes to wait for us to get here to hurl mother nature at us. Same thing happened in Colorado as soon as we got there the winter snow acted a bit wonky. Maybe we tip the scales in a way. Bringing the weirdness to every place we go. They say to prepare like it's a hurricane. Possible flooding, power outages. Good thing is I already had leftover stuff from the hurricane when I didn't lose power or got flooding, thankfully. So I decided to get my fashion friday photos out of the way yesterday before we wouldn't be able to get out of the house because we should probably get 1-3 ft of snow. YES 1-3 FEET OF SNOW! You all wonder why I hate snow so much. You seriously can't take a California girl and put her into seriously snowy places for 5-6 years straight! I don't like being stuck in my house. I don't like driving in it. I don't even like playing in it anymore! Sure it's pretty on occasion but when it happens so much it definitely loses its magical possibilities for me at least. I wonder where we will end up next haha maybe Alaska, Antarctica. Hey maybe even the North Pole!

So after dropping Riley off at school I headed on over to the store with practically everyone else on base and filled out up the cart with ummm pretty much junk food. Anyting that would tied us over in case the power went out and we couldn't cook anything for a bit. I think chips, dip and keebler cookies will do for a couple days right?

Wear it 3 Different ways

Chic, Casual/Layering, Everyday
Trouser shorts

I bought these shorts probably a couple years ago already. I love them they are versatile for every type of look. Casual, dressy, chic etc. I have another gray pair I love them so much!
I did it three different ways so you could see how much you could do with them. For going out or a date add a fitted blazer, statement necklace and heels or booties. Casual everyday you can do a chunky oversized sweater {I wore a long sleeve t-shirt underneath too for an extra layer}. Or a different layered look you can wear oversized boxy top with a tank or other layering top underneath. Add a cardigan {color to make it pop!}, infinity scarf for warmth and accessory and you are good to go. Three very different outfits with one pair of shorts ..and tights but you can change those out. The ideas are limitless.

Blazer,Ring,Tights,Booties: Forever21, Necklace: Wetseal, Shorts: Pacsun, Tube Top: Rue21
Top, Scarf: Wetseal, Cardigan, Tights, boots: Forever21, Shorts:PacSun
Sweater,Tights, ring, boots, : Forever21, Shorts: PacSun


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