Friday, April 6, 2018

Fashion Friday {Love}

 I've really been into screen tees probably more so lately. I love comfiness! I also love a good screen tee with a nice message. I have a girl power one now I have this awesome LOVE one. Courtesy of my favorite place Ross Dress for Less! It's like a scavenger hunt every time I go and I love it! I have it down to an art now. Some days it's a couple awesome pieces and some days it's been me annoying the dressing room attendant. Because it basically looks like I'm going to try on the entire store and potentially not buy it all. Oops ... sorry especially if  you work retail and are reading this post now. I did work retail back in the day so I feel your pain. But I am also a mom now who doesn't get a whole lot of time to shop. So it usually is me grabbing the whole entire store because it's been awhile or me speed shopping because my kid is being a terror in the store. Either way I'm in a hurry and I need some cute clothes. Amen if you can relate! 

Where's your favorite place to speed shop? 

Hat: Forever21, Shirt: RossDressforless, Skirt: Loveculture, Boots: Belk. Necklace: Stylesforless,


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