Friday, April 27, 2018

Fashion Friday {Sentimental Value}

Several years ago my dad went on a mission trip to Bolivia I think. He came back and brought me this vest. He said "You're such a fashionista that I thought you could come up with something." At the time I thought yikes, that is hideous. How will I ever come up with something cute with this vest that looks like its from the 80's maybe even 90's era. And not the cute stuff! So it sat in my closet. It moved from state to state with me and I never wore it. I didn't want to get rid of it because it was a gift. 
My dad passed away a couple years ago and I really wanted to pull that vest out and try and come up with something. It took a minute but one day it finally came to me. Usually how some of my outfits come to me. Pairing certain colors or prints together. I visualize it in my head and then it becomes a reality. 

Voila! A once ugly vest is now turned into a stylish hipster outfit..

Shirt: Wetseal, Skirt,Hat: Forever21, Boots: Belk


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