Monday, April 28, 2014

{Family Vacation} Part 2

Sorry that it has taken me so long to get this trip blogged. I finally had some time to get it done.
Our second day in Florida was all about Disneyworld! Knowing that Riley was only five and only interested in princesses. We made our plans to spend the whole time in the Magic Kingdom. One day still wasn't enough honestly. Last time I even went to Disneyland was about 9 years ago for grad night. That's a long time! {I feel old} I remembered they had the fast pass. Which is completely different now. You only get 3 or 4 rides or attractions for the entire day you can use it for. I wish it was for the whole park. Those lines are outrageous! Most of the time was spent in lines. I wish we could've done more. However, since Riley didn't know any better. She was in absolute bliss. She was so starstruck when she got to meet the princesses. Most importantly Ariel. She told me she was sooo nervous about meeting her. She's so sweet! I can't wait to tell her that when she's older. 

Our two favorite things of the day

{1} At Belle's interactive reading. They chose people to act out parts. They chose Riley to be the Beast! She was so excited and gave her best RRROOOOAARRRR. I was so proud and impressed she wasn't nervous at all. She just went up there and did her thing in front of everyone! She even got to dance with Belle! So sweet!

{2} At the end of the night they do the lights show. I didn't realize what it actually was. Some guy told us about it when we were getting ice cream. It didn't sound that exciting. We got a good spot and waited for the show. They played scenes from all the movies on the CASTLE! I was picturing like a outdoor drive-in movie setting. But they formed the scenes to the castle it was so awesome! Oh and Tinkerbell flew above us too! 


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