Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Conversations with a five-year old

Daddy: Are you ok Riley?

Riley: Yeah! Because my mint is naked!

Daddy: Your mint is naked?

Riley: Yeah it's not wearing any clothes! {giggles}

Riley: This my favorite song!......What is it?

Mommy: ........Hotel California

Riley: Yeah! {smiles big}

Daddy: You're just curious right Riley?

Riley:.....and Bored!

Daddy to Mommy: That's what you get when you mix boredom and curiosity. You get a lot of questions.

Riley: {After being in trouble starts talking to her friend from the window in her room}
Izzy I need to see you so I know you're okay!

Riley: Mommy, you're so derble

Mommy: Derble?

Riley: Yeah der a ble.

Mommy: Oh I'm adorable?

Riley: Yeah!

Mommy: Thank you. You're adorable too.

Riley:  I can't watch anything inappropriate. 


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