Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kiss the cook

We tried a new recipe this weekend and it was super easy and tasty. We also had one of our favorites as well. I found Cinnamon Roll waffles on Pinterest of course. One of those pictures that pops up as you are scrolling away. I thought that is the easiest thing ever might as well try it. Basically follow the steps on the pictures and spray the waffle maker with some non stick spray. The only weird thing is the texture. I definitely like the dough'y part of cinnamon rolls and these get flattened and a little stiffer like waffles. But they are still good and faster to make then cinnamon rolls in the oven. You can eat them with your hands too.

Cinnamon Roll waffles

Lasagna Roll ups 
This is by far one of our favorite dinner recipes. It's so easy and fast to make.  We got it from our Taste of home recipe book. It calls for three rolls but you can easily double it up for more people. It also says to use swiss cheese. Which we tried the first time but you can really use any cheese. We prefer to use mozarella cheese and we also switch to turkey pepperoni. You can't really tell the difference. Add some salad and garlic bread and it's time to eat! YUM!


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