Saturday, April 5, 2014

Things I'm loving

Things I'm loving this week
Definitely getting back into the thrifting game. It's been so long! There's something about the lack of snow and warmer weather that gets me back into my projects. My favorite place to go is the local Salvation Army. I get such good deals there. I always find some fun, unique pieces that I can revamp. 
You know I go too much when the employees have made up theories to explain my long absence. 

{1} I'm a hit-woman and got caught and now I am in prison.

{2} Or I have ties to the mob and now am swimming with the fishies at the bottom of the ocean.

They have quite the imagination. HA!

I found this awesome candelabra that I plan on painting. Not sure on a color yet. But I love the potential. It was only $6

Found these awesome random pieces. Two very heavy candlesticks that remind me of the game CLUE. You know Professor Plum did it in the library with the candlestick. And this awesome red vase. $5 each
I guess as a welcome back present. They gave me a bunch of old cameras for my office
and this awesome coffee table for FREE! 
Don't mind the dust. I'm on it!


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