Friday, December 27, 2013

{Christmas with the Reeds}

After a long, mostly exhausting trip to California. We had a few days to recuperate from all that traveling and what not. Just in time to celebrate Christmas quietly at home together. We went to church Christmas Eve then had dinner and watched It's a Wonderful life. Our family tradition. Riley stayed up and watched the entire 3 hour movie! I was surprised.  Even made Christmas cookies as well. Kinda looked like a cookie massacre though!

Christmas Morning just like any other Christmas morning. We get woken up abruptly by Riley barging into our room yelling "It's Christmas"!!
We had fun opening presents and then the cutest hubby in the world made us breakfast. Egg Nog French Toast and bacon! It was so yummy! Then we just laid around all day watching Christmas Movies together. It was very relaxing. Then the hubby topped himself and made dinner for us too. Bacon wrapped tenderloin, mashed potatoes, corn and rolls! Makes me hungry just talking about it again. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Until New Years!!!


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