Monday, October 8, 2012

Family Day

We took some time and ventured up north to a local apple farm. They were having a Military Appreciation day (which is always nice!) Everything was free! It was such a nice chill drive, looking at all the fall colors in the trees, listening to some Isaac Russell. A beautiful, picturesque sunday with my little loves. 
When we got there we got hot apple cider, a free bag to fill with apples. We took a ride up the hill to go through and pick our own apples. They had face painting and pumpkin decorating for the kids. Not to mention THE BEST apple crisp and ice cream I have ever had! YUM!!!! I'm still dreaming about it.. I have a huge sweet tooth... like seriously huge! By the way honey crisp apples are probably the best in case you were wondering. I also got some cute shots of Little Miss who is such a little model these days! She is constantly asking me to take her picture. Love her little sweet cheeks! It was a nice family day!


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  1. I wish we had a farm around here that would do a military appreciation day like that! How awesome :)
    Riley has grown up so much! What a doll.

    PS. I agree with the apple choice. MM MMM..My sweet tooth has dwindled with this pregnancy but everything you mentioned has my mouth watering!


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