Thursday, October 11, 2012

{Awkward and Awesome Thursday} Chaos

Well it has been quite an eventful day! After trying to fight off the beginnings of a cold, and taking some nyquil the night before. I had a hard time waking up this morning to get Little Miss off to her very first day of Preschool! Luckily I signed her up for the afternoons and not mornings. See I am a smart mama!  I ran to the store to get this chalkboard to get these sweet pictures! I'm glad I did, but it made us a tiny little late! We still made it though....{continued below}

Awkward: We finally were able to go get our new piano! {Pictures to come soon} I don't know if you know this but upright pianos are extremely heavy!? Also, did you know that old New England homes are extremely teeny tiny!? Well with that said the husband and his one friend weren't quite enough to get the piano out. I was so scared the piano was going to get stuck right in between this ladies front door and her mini mud room door! Thankfully we got it out but MAN that was awkwardly painful. I really hope they didn't cause much damage to it.

Awesome: As the morning came for Rileys' day we had a nice moment of morning cuddling in bed together. I got to cherish a few minutes hugging my little babycakes. Time will indeed go by faster and faster so I have to make sure I am even more aware of these sweet moments!

NOW.. I had to add a little awkward to my awesome though! After being a few minutes late to her class. Riley's teacher Mrs T never got word that Riley was starting today! OOPS... 
Then I rush back at 2:15 to pick her up only to realize her pick up time was 2:45! I had to go and sit in the car for 20- 30 min of uninterrupted "plugged in" time, can't complain! 2:45 came I got out of the car and oh hey there are two police cars, an ambulance AND a fire truck! Great, Awesome... so I walk up and ask another mom "Do you know what's going on?..she then replies "Some kind of emergency" I am thinking to myself.. "uhh obviously!" Then they tell us that they are delaying pick up until they get the situation under control. So I wait, and wait..more waiting. Finally I go in as Mrs. T is calling me. They never told me I could go back and poor Riley was the last one to get picked up! I felt so bad!! :(    {P.S an older kid got hurt not sure of other details than that, I think they were ok though}

So that was our very eventful day! Hey at least it wasn't a boring day!

Riley getting her own little locker

Had to add the picture with the nose picking kid behind us hehe..

Sweet Baby all grown up now 


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