Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY {Painting Furniture}

I love painted furniture! I love taking something old and making it look brand new, black or white or color. I just want to go through everyone's house and just paint everything!
But I guess I gotta stick with my own stuff for now. I was lucky to have been given a lot of good pieces over the years. A dresser, a desk, a chest/table, a few nightstands and this awesome desk.

Our first attempt at painting furniture was in 2007. I wanted to paint the dresser and nightstands black. The husband thought we could just spray paint them and be done with it. They came out ok but the paint has peeled since and the damaged wood shows through.

Alright no biggie on to the second attempt. In 2010 I researched tutorial videos online figured we should sand this time on the chest, use primer and get a can of paint. The video however had me use a roller as well as no real sandpaper rules. Don't just use a 120 grit.. you must use a 220 fine grit paper too if you want a nice smooth surface! Hmmmm that would've been good to know. So now I have a lovely black chest/table in the front entryway with this yucky texture.. Can anyone say REDO!? yeah next project for sure.

So fast forward to now. I wanted to repaint this desk so badly; so I was determined to get the method right! Everywhere I looked online it was all about the spray painting. That's what we did, I sanded because the table was peeling in places had a bunch of scratches etc. Again forgot about the fine grit sandpaper, and got annoyed with the scratchy surface. Spray primer went on fine, then on to the black spray paint... oops got YELLOW instead! I just can't win can I!!?? Got black and then it got all drippy not sure what the problem was we bought several different brands. Still only got drippy spray paint no matter how long we shook the can.

 Below is a couple of the before pictures.

with the Spray Primer

Did not sand the drawers and got this little bubbling/cracking effect

Scratchy surface with bad spray paint that just dripped everywhere

Both of these did not work could've been the humidity not sure

Drippy spray paint is not pretty

Re-Sanding it with the correct sandpaper grit

Opted for a can of primer and a can of paint
 I will be posting the after pictures soon, all prettied up for you guys!

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