Thursday, October 4, 2012

{Painted Furniture}.... continued & Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Finally! I think we have been working on this desk for a few months. It felt like years honestly. So tedious and discouraging when I couldn't get it to come out right. But now here it is! (There's still a little touch ups to be done) I think it turned out great. It reminds me of a an old sea captains desk for some reason ...haha! This room isn't finished yet, maybe I will post those pictures on another post.

Awkward: While walking to our car in the parking lot we saw a squirrel on top of the car next to us. The moment that I noticed the drivers side window was open was the same moment that squirrel started inching its way closer. I totally said in my head "Don't you do it squirrel!" That squirrel didn't listen and made its way into this ladies car! I kinda freaked ... Um how am I going to get this squirrel out of that car ? Should I just walk away forget I ever saw it? Luckily the squirrel was smart enough to climb back out the window. Such a random thing right? Would have been kind of hilarious to have seen a squirrel in the passengers seat while getting into your car though.

Every time I walk around with the husband while he is in his uniform people always shake his hand; thank him for his service. It's not so much awkward for me as it is for him. I think it's awesome! It's nice to see civilians appreciate the hard work and sacrifice that these soldiers make on a daily basis. It's also kind of like being married to a celebrity.. he's so pretty and popular.

Awesome: Little Miss is finally potty trained!!! After a year and some change she's finally done! Now on to preschool. (Why is preschool so expensive?) It's been a good but busy week.

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