Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Breaking Dawn Party

It's only about a month out from the last installment of the twilight movies. Yes! That's right I am a twilight fan. I'm not afraid to say it! I first had a twilight party when New Moon came out in 2009. Last year was my second party for Breaking Dawn. It was smaller party since I had a just a few friends this time. I still had all the decorations still so why not have another party. Since Edward and Bella got married in Breaking Dawn I did more of a wedding theme. I decorated the entry way with tulle and indoor Christmas lights as well as tea light candles. I even used some of my own decor from my wedding. The ring barer pillow, candelabra centerpieces etc.
As you walked in there was Edward and Bella's wedding invitation. A basket of candy favors for the movie at midnight. 
We had Italian food because the Volturi's are from Italy. Spaghetti, Anti "Volturi" Pasta Salad, Veggies for the vegetarian vampires. Water bottles from "Isle Esme" and of course the tasty wedding cake with E & B on it.

We then played Twilight word search, which ended up being very difficult, and twilight scene it, and had a couple of twilight prizes. Then we decorated mini Twilight totes with Twilight inspired stencils and glitter! Then it was off to the midnight showing! Hope this inspires you to have themed parties, because they are so much fun! ~ Cheers


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