Tuesday, December 14, 2021

12 Days of Christmas outfits: Day 1 {Living Generously}

 Ever since we went debt free it became even more important to stick to a budget. We never went crazy, but we having a budget has allowed us to buy for other people. It has allowed us to have extra to be generous with other people. 

Honestly not just over the holidays, all year round.

Nothing beats the feeling of giving to others. Especially when they are in need.
There are so many ways to be generous.
There are organizations like operation Christmas child, where you pack a shoebox full of gifts and toys and they send them to orphanages in other countries.
Some places have Christmas trees with little kids faces on them and you can buy Christmas gifts for kids when their parents can’t afford it.
You can also gift your time. Helping elderly people or sick people mow their lawn or do house projects.
Some churches hand out food or there are soup kitchens that feed the homeless.

People tip extremely large amounts to unsuspecting servers. Most places they live mainly off their tips. That’s a huge blessing to those in the service industry.

Do you have an abundant amount of clothes that are just taking up space? Or an extra car that you don’t really need. A teen mom might be in need of a vehicle to transport her newborn baby to drs appointments or to her new job.

We can’t pass a homeless person while driving without my son asking to give them money. It doesn’t matter to him what their sign might say. He loves to give and be kind to others.

We can definitely learn something from kids.

I hope you find it in your heart to give in some capacity during the holidays. And I hope that it sparks a fire in you to be generous all the time. It really is the best!


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