Monday, December 13, 2021

Christmas decor 2021

 So the last two years I’ve desperately wanted to decorate for fall. I’m obsessed with my cute little pumpkins. Then I wait too long or overwhelm my mind with different decor ideas and then I don’t execute those ideas.

I swore I would make it happen but sure enough right before thanksgiving even started my whole family
Starts playing Christmas music trying to push out my pumpkins and any dreams I had of cute little decor ideas for them. The time came for thanksgiving to be over and out comes the boxes from the basement. I don’t recall giving my permission at all! Simultaneously had a Christmas tree I was forced to decorate and my little baby pumpkins still on display for all to see on my fireplace mantle. They looked so happy and proud. But without a doubt Christmas took over. Overpowering with it’s bright lights,  pretty ornaments, egg nog, and special music. Not to mention the peer pressure from my children.

Then I gave in! I did. I gave in to peer pressure. But then I was quickly abandoned in the decorating department. I stayed up late and did the whole thing myself.
So here for your viewing pleasure. I now present Christmas decor 2021!



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