Friday, December 3, 2021

Mint and leopard

This is my first time Christmas shopping so late! I usually start in August because we have Christmas and everyone’s birthdays are so close to Christmas. Literally back to back over the span of two weeks.

I never seem to get my act together on Black Friday deals, small business Saturday, or even cyber Monday. I always get bombarded with the emails and text leading up to it though. Then it just makes me feel paralyzed. I feel pressured to shop just to shop. Just to get a good deal. But is it really even a good deal?

The only deal I end up getting is movies.

It’s even been getting harder and harder making a list for myself. It ends up being more work for me to make sure people get me what I want. I used to do a whole slide show with links to make it easier. Then Amazon wish lists  or Pinterest boards.

I almost just want to ask for money or gift cards so I don’t even have to think about and it relieves stress on them.

What stresses you out during the holiday season? 



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