Friday, June 21, 2019

Fashion Friday {Summer Siesta}

This has been a really nice week of unplugging! I took a nice little siesta with the family just enjoying summer a bit. The kids weren't fighting or whining. We may have proved the theory of screen time turning your kids into like crazy monsters. They played so nice together when we took them outside and gave them something to do. It was blissful! 

We did the beach, the water park, the movies, went out to eat. The hubby can't complain it was a great fathers day weekend. Now to plan the rest of summer vacation. We only have 6 weeks left before school starts. Already! I know it goes fast and it might be our last summer here. Then on the next place.
I need some more ideas. Let me know your favorite places to go and see. It can be anywhere from north carolina to the florida keys. Any place within driving distance that we can cross off our little bucket list. 
Now it's time to go back to unplugging for the weekend. Next week is going to be crazy!
I will be off to Texas!!


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