Friday, June 22, 2018

Fashion Friday A hipster summer

 I'm getting kind of used to these summer thunderstorms. It's a nice break from this unbearable Georgia heat! You think I could deal having grown up in the California desert. But the south is an entirely different world. 
Sometimes in the summer I get into this rut. You know that feeling of needing a vacation from your vacation. Well it's kind of like that except I want something to do. I want to be busy again. Maybe its the cabin fever talking, the lack of social interaction {except for with children}. I've resulted in fake and sometimes fake drama on tv just to keep me company. It's really hard thinking of running off somewhere with the kids with the hubby. Any mom can relate that vacation with your kids is more work then staying at home. I have to physically, mentally and emotionally prepare myself for certain outings. 
Let's take the movies for instance. My three year old does NOT do the movies very well. 
He can't sit still. The only way to keep him contained is if I keep feeding him snacks. Mental noted sugar free snacks or feed him food and playtime before movies. Maybe that will tire him out beforehand. 
Doing arts and crafts
He has the attention span of well a three year old. Or like the dog from Up.. you know saying squirrel in the middle of everything. Yeah! That's my kid for sure. So I end up setting up and cleaning up in under 20 minutes most of the time. 
Any kind of water park/theme park/carnival is out unless I rope someone into helping me. Having an age gap between kids is rough in these cases because the older one wants to ride things the younger one can't.
What's left you ask? 
The pool. 
Yep that's the only thing they both like to do that also allows me a mental break. 
So unless you all have some other suggestions for me. 
I guess we will be at the pool for the next 6 weeks!
See you there!


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