Friday, June 15, 2018

Fashion Friday {Bring on the rain}

So I've almost completely broken up with Facebook. My private account that is. I've been having a lot of soul searching on social media. Also hearing a lot of peoples opinions on how no one can relate to each other anymore. No one knows how to talk to anyone anymore because they are constantly texting, messaging etc. I also don't like and I never liked how people will check my facebook before picking up a phone to call me or to visit me. So I am doing my part. I'm boycotting! I'm taking a stand. Social media will have its purpose for me. But if you want to know me for real you have to pick up a phone. You got to pay a visit! I hope this idea spreads but we live in strange times and I fear it's going to get worse. 
What is your opinion on social media and human life? 


Top: Rossdressforless, Shorts: Pacsun, Shoes: RMCboutique

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