Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Nashville you stole my heart.. {part 1}

So this summer I did a lot of traveling. I guess moving from Hawaii back to the mainland wasn't crazy enough for me. I wanted to add more to my plate. I planned a birthday trip with my friend to Nashville. I like to come up with crazy ideas and love planning them out. A girls weekend in Nashville seemed pretty crazy to throw into the moving mix. It was totally worth it though.
I went before we moved to Hawaii and got hooked. We barely had any time to explore or do touristy type things. This was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Day 1: First stop was Broadway! We at at Acme Feed & Seed again which was really good. Of course it was pouring rain by the time we left. We ran with everyone to the nearest gift shop to buy umbrellas and ugly plastic cover ups. You know the ones...basically going around Nashville in a trash bag. The rest of the night was going back on forth across broadway. We listened to all the different bands all night, met new people had a blast. We even found the Coyote Ugly bar....nothing like the movie, ....well maybe a little. It could've used some more Piper Perabo. 

Day 2: Went to the Johnny Cash museum again. I had to show Amber she's a Johnny Cash fun. I think it's a pretty fun museum. Last time I went though they had a separate room to watch old concert/tour footage. They took it out and replaced it with a green screen and a photo op with "Johnny Cash". I like the concert footage better the idea of posing with Johnny Cash was a little creepy. Then across the street to the GOO GOO shop which we didn't get to go to last time. However it was where Kim Kardashian was parked last time so maybe that's why. She was in the way of the chocolatey goodness! Then we had lunch at Merchants Restaurant. That place is really awesome loved all the black and white. All the bartenders had beards and mustaches it was great!


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