Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Conversations with a seven year old

I am sadly only a few weeks away from having an eight year old! Closing the chapter on this year and this age. It makes me sad that she's growing so fast and I can't keep up. I know each year comes new challenges yet new adventures. As a mommy you just want to stop time to soak in every second. I love being silly with this little girl. Our regular dance parties, silly voices, and her latest obsession snapchat videos. She's my mini me in every way while still being herself. I love her exactly that way!
Photo credit: Sunny Golden Photography

Mommy: What did you say/?

Riley: I didn't say anything.

Mommy: Oh I thought you said something.

Riley: What did you think I said? Cause I said {whispers} nothing.....

Riley: What song is this?

Mommy: "You and I"

Riley: Who sings it?

Mommy: Lady Gaga

Riley: Who's Lady Gaga?

Mommy: She sings other songs you know. 

Riley: Her first name is Lady?!

{Talking about the election with Daddy}

Mommy: I don't agree with voting for someone just so the other one won't win. 

Riley: I'm not voting for anyone!

{Talking about Minecraft....but I had no clue}

Riley: Steve won so we had to do medium and it was hard. It was my nightmare! {Over dramatically}


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