Friday, December 2, 2016

Fashion Friday {Tartan Leopard}

I'm so excited to have Fashion Friday back! I have to admit living in Hawaii left me with no motivation. Especially in the fall/winter when it's still hot. I missed the sweaters and the boots!
Now that we are mostly settled in our new home in Georgia I wanted to get back at it! 

When I saw this tartan plaid poncho I fell in love. I didn't buy it the first time I saw it. But you know it's love when you go back home and can't stop thinking about it. It reminded me of my recent trip to Scotland {blog post coming soon}. It even reminded me of my favorite show Outlander. I imagined all the different outfits I could make with it. How cozy and warm it would make me in the cold weather. How great it would be to snuggle up with it and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or my new favorite vanilla chai tea. Yes! I was having a love affair with this poncho and I hadn't even bought it yet. So I raced back to the mall and snatched it up. We've been living blissfully together ever since. 
So I will formally introduce you!
Everyone meet my cozy new tartan plaid poncho!

........also on a side note. I learned my lesson with the poncho and snatched up this purse when I was at Target. It was randomly just hanging where it didn't belong. I walked right up to it checked the price and ..."HALLELUJAH" it was drastically marked down on clearance. I got that bad boy for $10! It was meant to be!  What are you loving this season?

Happy Friday everyone!

Photo credit: Andrea Kinnear Photography + Design
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Tartan Plaid Poncho: Forever21 {SIMILAR}
Boots: Urbanog {SIMILAR}
Purse: Target
Dress: Forever21
Necklace: Charlotte Russe


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