Thursday, October 27, 2016

Personal Post

Today is an important day for me. Today is the anniversary of my Thyroidectomy. 
Sometimes I forget that I'm a cancer survivor. Mainly because I didn't have an intense battle like most people have. I was lucky! Some people are not. I still dealt with the same fears as all people do when faced with this diagnosis. My ears went deaf when the Dr gave me the news. The world still went into a haze for me. I still entertained thoughts of leaving my husband and my 9-month old baby girl behind. That's not something a 22-year old young mom should have to think about. It was a scary month from diagnosis to surgery. Then the aftermath thinking I may not get my {singing} voice back. I felt like that was it. This was going to be my end. Nothing makes you really grow up fast then the things I dealt with in my early twenties. 

 I'm so thankful God brought me out of that as if it never happened. All that is left is the scar on my neck and bottle of pills in my drawer to remind me. It definitely changed my outlook on life. It changed everything about me. 
Cancer sucks! It's a horrible disease that has taken too many people. Everyone I know has been affected by cancer in some way. I've known too many who didn't survive. 
I hope that it doesn't take something like this to change your life for the better. You can change your life now. You never know when it's your last day here.

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