Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Conversations with a seven year old

Riley: Nobody is the best singer.
Mommy: What about me?
Riley: Nobody's perfect

{Shopping with Mommy }
If you can't find what you're looking for just give it up and let's go get the water bottles.

{Watching Hollywood Game Night}

Riley: This is so easy

Mommy: I don't hear you answering.

Riley: I'm keeping it in my mind.

Riley: I kept walking into his room with my eyes closed.

Mommy: At least you know you're path in the dark

Riley: I'm a cat in the dark ?

Mommy: No your path in the dark. Why would you be a cat in the dark?

Riley: Cause cats can see in the dark. I'm a cat in the dark and I can scratch good too!
{Scratches Mommy}

Mommy: Ow! 

Riley: Mommy you smell good

Mommy: Thank you what do I smell like?

Riley: Goodness!

{After playdate}

Mommy: I just want to point out that you had two friends here with no problems.

Riley: That was God using his magic.

Riley: Mommy I believe in Santa now. We need an elf on the shelf so Santa can see me and know that I'm good.

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