Thursday, January 28, 2016


We stopped and had lunch at the Acme Feed and Seed! I'm so glad we did. That place is amazing! Not just the food but the whole atmosphere! It has multiple floors that you can eat at. I really wanted to sit on the awesome vintage furniture but got overruled. So we opted for the roof. I couldn't complain that view is amazing. We could see everything! 

There was a lot of craziness because Kim Kardashian was in the area promoting some energy drink. We didn't think we would see her at all. But as we we were  headed to the Johnny Cash Museum her big mysterious black bus was parked right outside. Us ladies went inside to get our tickets and the guys ran outside trying to get a glimpse. Apparently they have never seen a "celebrity" before. They must have been something to see. One with a diaper bag and one holding the baby in the bjorn! I'm sure Kim Kardashian was saying how cute they were from her tinted windows. 

The Johnny Cash Museum was awesome! You could listen to a ton of his tracks in the different formats and watch live performances. They had a room set up to see all his movie clips and guest appearances. It's definitely a must see if you love music! 

We wondered off to take our family pictures after that on the Shelby Street bridge. Click link to check them out

When we met up for dinner we found ourselves at Five Points Pizza after asking some locals of a good place. It did not disappoint. Between the music, food and the atmosphere there I would probably move there tomorrow. While we were eating I noticed a guy who looked familiar to me. He was making faces at baby Caleb so a mom always notices that. But I also have a knack for spotting celebrities even if I don't know their name or can't remember what they are in. Luckily, my brother in law mentioned "Arrested Development" after I snuck a picture of him for reference so I had something to search for. Figured out it was Tony Hale and we have seen him in a ton of stuff. We started a conversation with him. Trying to play it cool as much as we can. It was pretty hilarious! 

There is never a dull moment on our family trips that's for sure! 

Until the next Vacation!

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  1. Wow that's pretty cool seeing two celebs in one day! I've never met anyone famous haha!

    Sounds like you had a really fun day too :)

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