Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Conversations with a 6 year old {Holiday Edition}

Dad: {O come all ye faithful plays in Latin} Do you know this song Riley? We used to sing it in church.
Mommy: You sang it in Latin?
Daddy: No haha
Mommy: They are singing it in Latin.
Riley: Mommy, was this in Aladdin 1 or Aladdin 2?!

Riley: Grandparents are special because they save stuff from when you're parents were little
{Referring to my old barbies and toys}

{All I want for Christmas on Radio}
Riley: That's nice.....All I want for Christmas is you!

{Christmas Eve}

Riley opens up one present. 
It's an Anna Dress up Dress.

Riley: Were they sold out of Elsa dresses?



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