Friday, January 23, 2015

{Fashion Friday} The last of the belly

 I didn't always get a chance to take pictures of all my outfits during my pregnancy. In fact there were lots of days where it was tank tops and leggings. Nothing too exciting. I did manage to get a few cell phone pictures that I never shared. I planned on taking a real picture but never got around to it. Then baby came. That was the fastest pregnancy ever! Either that or I'm getting old and the clock is speeding up. It feels like it never even happened and now I have a little man. Where did he come from!? I managed to get through it with only two pairs of "Maternity" jeans and one "Maternity" top. The rest was sized up 6 pairs of leggings, a few tops, 4-5 bodycon dresses. As well as some tops from my last pregnancy that I just recycled through. Now with all that money saved I get to shop for new clothes once I lose my baby weight! This is a mixture of the outfits throughout the pregnancy.


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