Thursday, January 10, 2013

{Miss Riley is 4!}

Ya know having a kid's birthday so soon after Christmas is pretty tough! It tricks us (the parents) into thinking we are spoiling our kid ... but reality is we really aren't.... I don't think. : /
 Riley did really well with Christmas, in my opinion. Some movies, princess and fairy stuff. I wanted to save the kitchen for her birthday since it was such a big gift and then just some leopard and zebra PJ's {of course}! I'm glad that worked out, she had been wanting a kitchen forever! 
Here's a fun fact about me I'm really big on birthdays. I don't think it stems from being spoiled, I don't think I was .. honestly! I just think that everyone should feel special and loved on their day! So nothing less for my baby girl! We made her special funfetti pancakes and took her off to the American Girl store to possibly pick out a doll. 

Just a heads up American Girl dolls are crazzzy expensive. It's like over $100 for one doll and those little girls just eat it up! That place was soo packed. Luckily they have little mini dolls so she got one of those. Then we took her over to the Cheesecake factory and let her pick whatever cheesecake she wanted. She saw that Oreo cheesecake in the menu and that was it she was in love! The staff came and sang Happy Birthday to her and it was so sweet she just loved it. The whole day she just kept hugging and kissing us. Saying Thank you for my kitchen, thank you for my birthday. A "spoiled" kid isn't that polite right? She has some really good manners. Props to that girls parents for sure! ;) I just love her to pieces and I am so happy and blessed that God thought I was good enough to be her mom. 


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