Friday, January 4, 2013

{Fashion Friday}....New Years resolutions

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Year. We had a great one and then great Birthdays for Evan and Riley. Now we can finally get back to normal. How long do you guys wait before you take your decorations down. I still got the tree up and I'm about to take it down and get everything put away. Usually I get it down by the 1st but now that that day is all about Riley I procrastinate even more. Ever notice how your house looks kind of boring after you take the decorations down too! Now I have to get used to the house again haha..

I didn't make any New Years Resolutions this year. Just some goals mainly.

1: Save for new camera
2: Finish Demo!!{This is a BIG one}
3: Finish New Brand for business
4: Save for trips
5: Keep a positive attitude
oooohh and 6: Gym healthy! Gotta work off this extra holiday weight  :)

I think that's a good start. How about you guys?

                                     Here's my outfit from Christmas this year :)

Top: Forever21, Necklace: Walmart, Shorts: Forever21, Boots: Forever21

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