Friday, January 11, 2013

{Fashion Friday}...Bohemian

I am so proud of myself. Usually I am scrambling last minute to get my pictures for Fashion Friday all ready and posted. This time however with my brand new tripod {thank you husband} I am now caught up for 3 weeks! That's right, so now I can get even more done. Maybe I will even start posting them more than once a week. What's your vote?

I feel like my style has transformed over and over again through the years. {Note to self must find some choice pics of my style back in the day to show you guys}. I went through the normal trends, I created my own. I took risks, I was cautious. Now I feel like everything is just out the window. I don't see myself as trendy exactly. I can look at the trends that are popular and decide what I like and what I hate. In fact I just watched 2013 fashion trends on E! and everything is recycled again. Stripes and black and white is in this year .. good I have an abundance of black and white and black and white stripes. I wear what I like, I wear what I'm comfortable in. I don't care if people don't like it or if I am made fun of. {**cough cough.. red pants} Somewhere out there there are people who do like my outfits anyway.

Headband: Wetseal, Cardigan: Closet Signature, Cami: Wetseal, Jeans: PacSun, Boots: Urban Outfitters
Style is more than a hobby for me. It's a passion .. I may have already said this but oh well I am saying it again. :) Maybe it's the part of being a girl and playing dress up since I was little that makes it fun now. 


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