Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Women supporting women


I've been thinking a lot about the term "Women supporting women".  In my entire life I have only had a few friends who really embodied that term. Ones who will go above and beyond to show support for you, be your biggest cheerleader. Free of jealousy, comparison, and drama. Why is that so hard to find? Why is it a term so hard to grasp for women. I know there is the part where you don't feel good enough where you are at. Whether its professionally, physically, spiritually etc. There's always going to be that mentality tucked down deep down inside, that someone is better than you or that they have a life that you want. 
It's time to break free of that mindset and get to working on yourself. 
I think when we are fulfilled in our own lives, focused on doing what God has called us to do, then we can't even see what other people are doing. 
After a very difficult month. I realize even more now the importance of having your people. There's no time for us women to cause problems with each other. Not when we are dealing with our own day to day stuff, or dealing with real life issues. 
It goes back to the golden rule "Treat others how you want to be treated". Seems simple enough right?

I completely understand being pitted against one another. Maybe it starts in our youth. You have friends who ditch you because they like someone better. You get dumped for someone else in a relationship. It’s hard to get through those things. I wish it weren’t like this. I wish we could bypass all that time that it takes us to get to the place where we are confident in ourselves. So that we can know that we are worth so much. We are valuable. Maybe that’s the foundation of the issue? 

I’m so glad that I have a group of friends who support one another, encourage each other. It takes time to find the right people you can trust, that you feel safe with. Just know that they are out there. You just have to look for them.


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