Friday, October 8, 2021

All the leaves are brown

 The chill is in the air and the pumpkins are coming out. It's finally October! Have you started having your pumpkin spice beverages yet? I say beverages because some of us don't drink coffee. By some of us I mean me. I don't drink coffee. I'm getting ready to order my favorite fall/winter drink. Some vanilla chai tea and I might just add some pumpkin spice to the order so I can join in on the fun. 

My favorite thing about Fall is to watch the colors change. Nothing compares to a New England fall but this is still good. I got to go up to the mountains the other day and so many trees were bright yellow it was gorgeous. I wish it would last longer. But the snow has to come ... I guess..

What's your favorite thing about Fall?

On a side note: Little man is now wanting to get into photography so I let him take a few pictures of me.


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