Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Greece: Athens {Part 2}

 We had a glorious nights sleep and breakfast with an amazing view. We went down the road to get on the Hop on Hop off bus. This is why I love a Hop on Hop off. It's very affordable a lot of them come with 2 day, 3 day or more tickets. It takes you to all the main spots. You get off whenever you want and then get back on when another bus comes back. They usually come every 15-20 minutes. So you can go have some lunch do some shopping and a bus is ready for you at anytime. It's like having an uber driver, or even a personal driver. They also usually have headsets so you can hear the recordings for each stop so you can learn about the things you are seeing. 

We stopped at the Monastiraki flea market in the Monastiraki square. This place was a huge alley of shops with everything and anything you could think of.  It had decent prices and was open on Sunday. Some places weren't open on Sundays

Then we were able to catch our ride to the port. I thought we wouldn't be able to get onto the ship because it was earlier then we had requested. They took us straight into COVID testing. Then they gave us numbers and had us sit until they called our number. Well, they called my husbands number but not mine. Nerve wracking I know! They called me up and ushered me to fall this random guy who looked like a taxi driver on his phone into another empty tent. They told me I had a slight positive so they had to retest me. The guy was like keep breathing through your mouth and this is going to be uncomfortable. That it was they went deep into the nasal cavity.. maybe even into my brain I don't know. But the test came back negative so I was able to get on the ship. We got to our room which was a nice size. Then went directly to go eat at one of the complimentary restaurants on the ship. Then we checked out the pool and some entertainment. Ended with enjoying our view from the balcony. Which in case you were wondering. I'm so glad we got the balcony.


Stay tuned for Day 3 of our trip.....


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